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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DO Good Day

Today was THE big day. Bella and I headed down to the Science Center for DO Good Day, sponsored by 77kids, and The Motherhood.
The premise was that if something nice happens to you, maybe you will do good for someone else. And so.
So I was lucky enough to participate in this event with 6 other amazing women who also just happen to be fantastic bloggers.

Michelle from Burgh Baby

Allison from Allison Says

Gina from My Very Last Nerve

Jenna from Stop Drop and Blog

Laura from With love from Pittsburgh

Virginia from That's Church

We all received a "Do Good" Box from 77kids, and inside were splendid surprises. Like 77 $1.00 bills with a note to attach with it, for ways to do a random act of kindness. (I swear there were more than $77.00 in that box.) There were postcards, 100 coupons for a discount at the new 77kids store, post it notes, bubble gum, whistles, t-shirts for our kidlings, buttons to wear, and stickers!
Additionally, we were given $200.00 to purchase some kind of fantastical do goodery. WOOHOO! 100 backpacks for kids were purchased filled with school supplies, bubbles, silly bandz and mini missions for others to pay it forward. There were also bubbles, and necklaces to hand out.
Now I ask you. How cool is that?
We got to GIVE THE STUFF AWAY! To random people. We had so much fun doing it too! Some people were quite skeptical, and refused to take our freebies. 'Cuz you know, there is ALWAYS a catch. Like: do something nice for others!!!!
One man told me when I handed out a mini packet of a dollar, coupon and postcard "I don't accept money from women." True story.
The silly bandz were a huge hit.  Every kid crowded around whoever had the bag of those magical bracelets and begged for them.

I got to meet some great people, make people smile, and spend time doing something worthy. It also made me deeply respect 77kids. I will definitely be checking out their store on Saturday when it opens!

The sad part, is that I got sunburned horribly, even while wearing sunscreen, as did poor baby Bella. :(

But it was totally worth it. Shenanigans will be happening again.

This post is NOT sponsored in anyway. I am being compensated for my participation. I really wish they would have made it a non sunburny day. Then it would have been perfect. 


  1. Sounds like fun! We had fun in Boston! How in the world did you buy 100 backpacks plus supplies with only $200? That's an awesome thing to give! We did silly bands too!

  2. It really DID seem like more than 77 dollars! I had such a great time!

  3. @Jennifer Leigh--The backpacks were $1/each from Oriental Trading. Add in crayons at $.25, a folder for $.15, a notebook for $.15 and a couple of pencils and a little ruler, and you come out just under $2 per filled backpack. It left just enough money for Silly Bandz.

    Thanks so much for coming out! It was a BLAST!